Quo Vadis, Erica?

blogging 101Latin. So stereotypically Catholic, yes? But it is appropriate for today’s Blogging 101 assignment. Starting today, WordPress is hosting a class for us baby bloggers, and I definitely need it. I have no idea how to use categories, tags, or “ping backs.” I do know how I want to use this blog though, and that’s the gist of Monday’s work.

What do I hope to accomplish here on Out of the Whirlwind? I’ve been considering starting a blog since last year, but I’ve only now worked up the courage. My hope for Out of the Whirlwind is to create a space where I can write freely and share what is important to me. As an English Major, I read and write almost constantly, but rarely on topics of my own choosing. I want Out of the Whirlwind to be my own project, my personal writing with no grades attached. I want to become a better writer also, and that means writing more often than I do for school assignments.

What do I plan on writing about? I wrote a more detailed post about the blog’s name and purpose here. I hope to make Out of the Whirlwind a blog dedicated to my faith in all its aspects. Maybe that’s personal reflection, Scripture studies, pictures, links… I don’t know. I have so many ideas for topics I feel like my head is a whirlwind of ideas! Right now I have two “series” posts underway here and one in drafts. I think these will each be three-part posts, so stay tuned! As I mentioned, I’m very literary. Prepare for lots of Jesus-centered word-nerdiness.

Why am I writing publicly? Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but English majors are pretty narcissistic… I’m only joking. I love sharing what I’ve learned about with others, and I do that best through the written word. Not everyone thinks my sharing is so great, unfortunately. (My family calls it “lecturing.”) I hope that, through the power of the internet, I can connect and converse with a wider audience that shares my love of Christ, His Church, and the Scriptures. Hey, even introverts need friends!

What would a successful year of writing accomplish? See the aforementioned bit about writing more. Also, completing a successful year of blogging would mean my longest blogging period yet. I’ve had blogs before, but I usually deleted them after a few months. I just couldn’t come up with topics or sustain interest long enough. I hope Out of the Whirlwind succeeds where my other blogs have failed. Thankfully, it seems I’ve chosen a genre I’m very happy with and find stimulating, so—fingers crossed—I might actually be able to do this! Beyond just doing this, I really hope that through writing about my experiences and ideas I will have learned more about myself and God’s plans for me.

Well, there it is! I left out the “about me” part, but that’s what this page is for! Look for more Blogging 101 posts as my homework assignments come in, and please share your thoughts! The first commenter even gets a free metaphorical gold star! Prayers for each of my readers and fellow classmates as we continue to learn and share together!

In His Sacred Heart,



One thought on “Quo Vadis, Erica?

  1. neodecaussade

    Dear Erica,
    Your blog reminds me of a quote by T. S. Elliott. He said the secret to success, including writing, is a formula known as 6×1=6. People would approach him all the time asking how they might become an accomplished writer and he would always ask how often they wrote. The trouble with folks is not in the desire but in putting black marks on white paper. 1 hour a day 6 days a week and you can be successful at anything you want to accomplish. This includes writing. You have the right spirit and now the blog can help you develop your voice.

    Keep up the good work. God bless,

    Liked by 2 people


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