Audience Matters

blogging 101I haven’t written a post for my class since the first Blogging 101 assignment, but today I’m going to address my “dream reader.” Or rather, I’m going to address my ideal audience, since I have no particular person in mind. I asked myself, “What sort of people do I want to read my blog?” I instantly thought of a pretty amazing Kickstarter project:

This is the kind of audience I want for Out of the Whirlwind, an audience I admit is as much myself as anyone. You must be wondering, “Why the video?” When I first saw Bibliotheca mentioned here on Mark Bertrand’s blog, I fell in love with the idea. I saw a project that manifested itself from a love for Holy Scripture and the written word. I saw someone who used their talents to share the beauty of Scripture and its message. I hope Out of the Whirlwind will accomplish many of the same things, and I hope the audience it gathers will be a diverse, open-minded group of individuals who find the Lord in the written word, whether in Scripture, the writings of the Saints, or a humble blog post. I hope the audience it gathers is inquisitive, curious, and ready to learn with me so that we can all be better equipped to share the Gospel.

Oh goodness, I sound like a Dominican, don’t I? But before I wax poetic on the joys of a good book, I want to say that my ideal audience is not just composed of literary crazy people like myself. I also hope and pray that this blog attracts people, believers and non-believers, in their search for truth. Out of the Whirlwind is by no means an apologetics blog, but it is—or will be, I hope—a place where God will enkindle in each of us a flame, a light to guide us to Him and draw us closer each day.

I hope and pray each day that if I write anything at all, God will use it for his glory. He has given me this gift, and I want to use it for him. I want people to know him, to know that Truth, Love, Light… Those aren’t concepts or abstractions. He is a person, and his name is Jesus. And best of all, he wants to know you.

So my ideal reader is someone like me, but also someone not like me. I hope that this blog fosters communication among all people, and that through that communication and sharing we can continue to spread the Gospel, and the fulness of Truth that is Christ Jesus.

“…you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”—John 8:32

Be sure to visit Bibliotheca’s Kickstarter and website to learn more.


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