OBOY Challenge Update

Goodbye, friend.

Goodbye, friend.

I have sad news, dear internet friends. My beautiful Cambridge has been damaged… First, I marked with pencil which tore and blurred some pages, but to add insult to injury, it also got wet! Sigh. I suppose I just can’t have nice things. Really, the damage isn’t awful, but I have problems with these sorts of things, so the Cambridge is going on the shelf until I can bear to look at it again. (Which may be never.) Perhaps it’s a psychological thing. I don’t know.

In all seriousness, I did have trouble using the Reference as an everyday Bible. It’s a beautiful book; the text size is perfect, the center-column cross-references are just right, and the paper is good quality. Still, the Bible was pretty large and difficult to carry. Because I’m handicapped, I couldn’t carry it in-hand, and I certainly don’t trust it in a backpack or bag. The only solution was to carry it in the slipcase. It works, but it’s cumbersome and usually stays on a shelf.

With that in mind, I’ve purchased a compact version from Oxford. It was inexpensive and will probably get much more use than the Cambridge ever did. We’ll see. I can say that I’m more or less put off marking in my Bible now. I’m in the process of starting a Scripture journal; hopefully this will be a good compromise between note-taking and my peculiar “pretty Bible” syndrome. Maybe some day in the future I will get over this. I guess because I’ve always had difficulty writing, I find these “mess ups” annoying and stressful. Lord Jesus, help me not to!

But alas, facts are facts. A Bible is no good if it can’t be used, so I’m going the smaller route. I don’t have the best vision, but I should be able to swing it. If not, back to the drawing board. Let’s pray this works out so I can get the Challenge going again.


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