Lenten Resolutions: “Do Not Be Afraid.”

Lent started Wednesday of this week, and I’m excited to share my Lenten resolutions, The first one is to get well and take the history exam I missed Thursday. I’m also working out law school issues, but beyond the very obvious school hopes, I have a few more things in mind. 

First, I want to continue with my bible reading plan. As I’ve gone through the reading plan I’ve chosen, I’ve begun to realize that its not quite for me. As a student, and as an avid reader, I can work through and digest more chapters in a day than this plan covers. I do however still really like the sections of Catechism and will continue working through those. For now, I’ve reverted to my usual cover-to-cover approach with bible reading. I know it doesn’t work for some people, but I prefer to tell myself, “Spend fifteen minutes reading.” This approach allows me to read at my own pace while remaining easy to do. Read fifteen minutes in the OT, and fifteen in the NT—works for me.

Second, I’d like to start using my devotional. Tim over at Catholic Bibles Blog was nice enough to send me a neat Lenten devotional. You can read his take on it here. Unfortunately, I spent the latter part of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday ill, so I haven’t done much reading at all. When I finally catch up on things, I’ll be sure to post more. Tim also sent me a bible, which I’ll hopefully post about later in the week.

Third, I’d like to stop instinctually clicking the Facebook icon on my phone. I gave up Facebook for Lent, and I’ve auto-clicked that little blue square more times than I can count! As soon as I realized what I was doing, I left the screen. I am determined to break myself of this time-wasting Facebook habit, even if it means dousing my Otterbox-protected iPhone in holy water. (You heard me, cellphone. Don’t make me bust out the sacramentals.)

Fourth, I would like to meditate and pray the rosary daily. I had no idea how difficult this habit would ben to reintroduce now that I have a roommate. Though I get up early enough for meditation, I can’t find the peace and quiet to concentrate when my roommate starts playing music and singing along. She’s wonderful and I love her, but we have very different ideas about how we spend our mornings. I’m currently attempting to find my “spot” on campus; last semester I sat on a bench underneath the Whitfield Center, but with the weather so shoddy, outside isn’t an option right now. Really, it’s just about finding that time slot and sticking to it.

Fifth, I would like to be less anxious. With everything going on in my life, it gets a little stressful. Me being who I am, I have trouble with the whole “let go and let God” mentality. My hope is that though continued prayer and Scripture reading, Jesus and I can get back to our “okay” zone. It’s one thing to read “Do not be afraid.” It’s something else entirely to internalize it and really believe Jesus’ words. Isn’t it a curious thing? Jesus knows of course—my deacon once mentioned that the most often repeated phrase in the Gospels is “Do not be afraid.” I really want to live those words.

Well, that’s my plan. How about you? What are you sacrificing for Jesus this Lent? How goes it so far? I pray your Lenten journeys are fruitful and transformative as we approach the Easter Season. God bless you always.

In His Sacred Heart,



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