A Side Note on Translations

I just realized that my original Psalm Saturday post mentioned comparison with the RSV2CE, and I’ve been using the RSV! I doesn’t seem like a big deal, until you realize the RSV2CE removes one of my major RSV quibbles—”thee and thou language.” Hm. Which leads me to a sort of reader question. Given a choice between the RSV2CE and NRSV, which do you prefer and why?

I’m beginning to think, somewhat sadly, that I may be sticking with the RSV2CE for now. The OBOY Challenge is fizzling out…badly. Oh, I am a weak, weak woman! But I do love books, especially bibles… It’s become a hobby of sorts to compare translations and editions. Everyone needs a hobby, right? But, onto my reasons.

  1. The RSV2CE is very readable without “thee and thou language” in it.
  2. The RSV2CE is not gender inclusive. I’ve warmed up to gender inclusive language on the whole, but there’s just something familiar and comforting about that traditional rendering. That, and the NRSV’s use of “mortal” is irksome.
  3. The RSV2CE is an actual Catholic edition. I can’t find a good Catholic edition in the NRSV. The Reader’s Edition I received appears to be printed not with, but against the grain, which means the gutter crinkles like nobody’s business, the ruination of an otherwise awesome bible. Most other editions of the NRSV are “with Apocrypha.” At the very least, the RSV2CE is an edition with all the books in proper order, which is important to me.

What about you all, readers? What edition is your favorite and why, if not the NRSV or RSV? Oh do comment; I love comments!


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