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Daily Prompt: No, Thank You

Because I’m running low on creativity, I decided to try my hand at a daily prompt offered by the Daily Post here on WordPress. Yesterday’s prompt was “No, Thanks.” The prompt asks, “Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?” Now, I’m not sure about actual places in the world, because I’ve only ever been outside the country once, but I know a thing or two about places inside the mind I’d prefer not to return to. Continue reading

What Makes a Bible?

Ignatius Bible (Catholic Bible Store)

Before I purchased my NRSV, I had been using a hardcover Ignatius Bible. With its bright red cover and gold icons of Christ the Teacher and the Four Evangelists, it was pretty hard to miss. When I pulled it out in class one day, a friend look over and asked, “That’s a Bible?” In the world of Bibles, the Ignatius Bible is a little “odd.” Still, his response has always stuck with me, and prompted me to wonder, “So what is it exactly that makes a Bible?” Continue reading

Audience Matters

blogging 101I haven’t written a post for my class since the first Blogging 101 assignment, but today I’m going to address my “dream reader.” Or rather, I’m going to address my ideal audience, since I have no particular person in mind. I asked myself, “What sort of people do I want to read my blog?” I instantly thought of a pretty amazing Kickstarter project:

Continue reading

Quo Vadis, Erica?

blogging 101Latin. So stereotypically Catholic, yes? But it is appropriate for today’s Blogging 101 assignment. Starting today, WordPress is hosting a class for us baby bloggers, and I definitely need it. I have no idea how to use categories, tags, or “ping backs.” I do know how I want to use this blog though, and that’s the gist of Monday’s work. Continue reading

Conversion Part One: Hopkins Builds a Snowman

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Hopkins. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

My journey to the Catholic Church began in the 11th grade. My incredible, now retired English teacher, whose “disappointed face” still inspires me to double-check the grammar in everything I write, assigned us our yearly research paper. That year, she decided we would each write on a famous English poet of her choosing. By choosing, she meant, “I’m drawing names out of a hat, and no, you can’t trade.” You can almost hear the collective groan, but not from me. Finally, a topic I liked! (Last year we’d written on careers. Boring.) I went home with the name of an old dead British guy I knew nothing about—Gerard Manley Hopkins. Continue reading